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As many people know, Bakers Camp Covered Bridge is the iconic landmark that our business and farm are named after. We saw this is a unification opportunity to bring together our rural community to a place of fun, laughter, hard work and most importantly, great memories.


Deer processing was the first part of the Bakers Camp shop, where our family processed our own animals and a few of our friends' as well. Just over ten years of our customers' word of mouth grown our operation year after year.

Our fur buying/handling department came into play shortly after we built our shop and got the deer processing going. With our family and friends' passion for harvesting fur pelts through hunting and trapping inspired Kevin to acquire a fur-buyers license to accommodate our many calling customers. The fur shed has been a place of great conversation and great memories.


When our shop only consisted of deer processing, we couldn't help but notice so many awesome bucks being caped and mounted other places. From discussion with friends and family, Kevin was inspired to extend the business into the taxidermy field. As this branch enters its fifth year, it continuously produces so many great works of art that are admired by other professional taxidermists, and have placed high in taxidermy shows.


Our latest field is our hydrographics department. Similar to the beginnings of our taxidermy field, our camo-dipped European mounts were initially outsourced. Kevin quickly transformed this department into an avenue that can decorate many different objects in a new way.  

We are a faith-based, family oriented business that brings a unique service to our community. We value the traditions of the outdoors greatly, and want to make sure you can relive your special memories for a lifetime!

View the 'Branches' tab to see what these individual areas have to offer!


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